Hey there out there! I’m Blair! I am an artist manager/indie record label owner by day and hobby photographer/handstander also by day.  I’m married to the musician, Ron Pope, and he is also the co-founder of our label Brooklyn Basement Records. I do a lot of things and am interested in a lot of things, so I wanted to create a space that featured all of it + have a space to share some personal news. It’s easy for the line to blur when you work in music, because music is generally fun to be a part of! However, I wanted to create a space that allows me share our life through photos (without breaking Instagram). You may find the occasional music post here too, but in general, my goal is to keep it easy enough for me to maintain yet exciting enough to keep our moms happy!

If you know me from TravelSizeMe, then welcome back! That was a fun journey while it lasted. I wish I could have kept that up, but we’re slightly more domesticated now and no longer have to live out of a van, so all is not lost. All of those posts live here.

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